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Adjectives and Adverbs.Грамматический практикум

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Грамматический материал в  виде упражнений и тестов по теме "Adjectives and Adverbs" предназначен для студентов всех специальностей неязыкового колледжа.







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«Adjectives and Adverbs.Грамматический практикум»

Adjectives and Adverbs

Exercise 1.

Complete each sentence with the most suitable word.

1. Who is ______ – Jane or Allan?

a. more tall b. taller c. most tall

2. Joe is ______of the students in the group.

a. the cleverest b. the most clever c. more clever

3. Which of these two dogs is ______ ?

a. friendler b. friendlier c. most friendly

4. A Lexus is ______ than a Honda.

a. more expensive b. most expensive c. expensiver

5. The ______ instructions will be given on page 12.

a. further b. farther c. farthest

6. The children were playing in the ______ corner of the garden.

a. farthest b. farther c. farest

7. Connie walks ______ because she has just had an operation.

a. more slow b. more slowly c. slowlier

8. John’s grades are really bad. – Yes, but Tom’s are even ______ .

a. worst b. badder c. worse

9. I think we have ______ money than you.

a. least b. fewer c. less

10. Our new house has ______ space than the old one.

a. a lot more b. more of c. most

11. The northern part of Canada generally receives ______ snow than the southern part.

a. much more b. much most c. so much

12. You should get off at the ______ stop.

a. next b. nearest c. nearer

13. Mrs. Parkinson has got two sons: George and Ronald. The former already works, the ______ is still a student.

a. latter b. last c. later

14. Have you heard the ______ news? It’s awful.

a. last b. latest c. late

15. You can find this place ______ if you have a map.

a. more easily b. easilier c. most easily

16. Today you seem ______ than you were yesterday.

a. more happy b. happier c. happiest

17. These tomatoes are ______ than the ones I saw in Sainsbury’s.

a. more red b. redder c. little red

18. Now we will have to think of a ______ method.

a. better b. gooder c. best

19. Nowadays people use electric appliances much ______ than thirty years ago.

a. more oftener b. often c. more often

20. People believe they will live better in the ______ future.

a. nearest b. nearer c. near

Exercise 2.

Choose the correct word.

1. More ______ 80 percent of the students passed the test.

a. than b. that

2. Are you ______ Burney?

a. the same age as b. so old as

3. The harder we studied ______ we got.

a. the more confused b. more confused

4. ______ all the cities I have visited, I like London best.

a. of b. from

5. The more it snowed, ______ .

a. the colder it got b. it got colder

6. Belinda is more thorough ______ her co-workers.

a. than b. as

7. The ______ my friend complains the ______ people listen.

a. more… less b. much… little

8. July is the hottest ______ all the months in Zimbabwe.

a. of b. from

9. Please come ______ soon ______ possible.

a. as… as b. as… than

10. We have ______ opinion about this film ______ you.

a. the same… as b. the same… than

11. The coat you are wearing _____ the one you bought last year at Harrods’.

a. is similar to b. is similar with

12. ______ the price ______ reliable the product.

a. the higher… the more b. a higher… a more

13. We can’t do crosswords ______ as you do.

a. as quickly b. quicker

14. Toledo is twice______ your city.

a. as old as b. older than

15. Blue Mountain is one hundred feet ______ Machu Picchu.

a. as high as b. higher than

16. To my mind Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is ______ thrilling of his books that I have read.

a. the most b. a most

17. Look Homeward, Angel by Thomas Wolfe is ______ fascinating book about life in America. You must read it, Emma.

a. most b. a most

18. The previous grammar test was not ______ difficult ______ this one.

a. so… as b. more… as

19. The rescue workers did their ______ to help Chinese people after the earthquake.

a. better b. best

20. What an awful film! It is ______ interesting one by this famous film director.

a. the least b. less

Review Test 3.

Put in the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in the list.

Wide, famous, 1. old, 2. big, 3. modern, 4. comfortable, 5. expensive, 6. popular, 7. boring, 8. small, 9. pleasant, 10. helpful, 11. nice, 12. noisy, 13. busy.

There are lots of hotels in the pretty town of Blexham. You get a wider choice in most places. The Crown is the most famous because Charles Dickens once stayed there. It’s also one of the ______(1). The Metropole is a ______(2) and a ______(3) hotel. It’s also ______(4) than the Crown. The Metropole is the ______(5) hotel in town, and so it’s ______(6) with business people than with tourists. Personally I can’t think of anything ______(7) than a big modern hotel. My own favourite is the Down Court Hotel, which is ______(8) and ______(9) than the Metropole. The staff at Down Court are ______(10) than at the other hotels. The Down Court is also in a ______(11) place than the others. The Metropole is the ______(12) hotel in town because it’s on the main road. The Bristol has a good restaurant. But you need to book a table because it’s the ______(13) place in Blexham.

Review Test 4.

Put in the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.

A: I’m going to the Lake District next week. We’re going earlier (early) than usual.

B: I’d love a holiday in June, but it’s ______ (1 – convenient) for the children to go in the school holidays.

A: I know. But May and June are the ______ (2 – dry) and _______ (3 – nice) months. Sometimes we go in September which is the ______ (4 – beautiful) time of the year with the leaves on the trees changing colour.

B: Maybe it would be ______ (5 – sensible) to go in winter than in summer. It would certainly be ______ (6 – cheap). It might be ______ (7 – good) than August. I can’t think of a ______ (8 – bad) time to go than August.

Exercise 5.

Choose the correct word.

1. It is ______ that Frank Lloyd Right’s building will be destroyed.

a. possible b. possibly

2. After Freddy hit his head, he wasn’t thinking ______ .

a. clear b. clearly

3. The disappearance of the millionaire seems really ______ .

a. strange b. strangely

4. I am impressed that you speak English so ______ .

a. well b. good

5. The Customs agent made a ______ inspection of the suitcase.

a. thorough b. thoroughly

6. We are discussing a ______ proved fact.

a. scientific b. scientifically

7. It is ______ that the classes will be called off because of the snow.

a. certainly b. certain

8. I will ______help you. You can trust me.

a. certainly b. certain

9. Henry drives around the city ______ in this old Cadillac of his.

a. carelessly b. careless

10. Do you know if Jane did ______ at the exam?

a. good b. well

11. After your treatment I feel quite ______ , thank you.

a. good b. well

12. The story Kim told us sounded ______ .

a. strange b. strangely

13. The meat you bought the other day tastes ______ .

a. awful b. awfully

14. I am ______ sorry. I kept you waiting.

a. awful b. awfully

15. The lion moved ______ through the grass.

a. slow b. slowly

16. It is ______ that in 100 years gas will be scarce and expensive.

a. probable b. probably

17. Your elder sister is always so ______ dressed.

a. beautifully b. beautiful

18. This perfume is very expensive and it smells exceptionally ______ .

a. good b. well

19. Are you ______ aware that you are not qualified for the job?

a. full b. fully

20. Deborah was in low spirits and greeted her guests ______ .

a. cold b. coldly

Exercise 6.

Choose the correct word.

1. I had a hard time taking notes at the lecture as the professor speaks exceedingly ______ .

a. fastly b. fast

2. Do you know if there are any ______ trains to Barcelona?

a. fastly b. fast

3. I have never met a policeman who behaves ______ .

a. friendly b. in a friendly way

4. I have never met a ______ policeman.

a. friendy b. friendly

5. If this sportsman tries ______ he may succeed in breaking the world record.

a. hard b. hardly

6. She was so shocked that she could ______ speak.

a. hard b. hardly

7. The dentist asked the patient to open his mouth ______ .

a. wide b. widely

8. The scientist’s name is ______ known all over the world.

a. wide b. widely

9. The road to Gandolfo isn’t ______ enough for the lorry to get through.

a. wide b. widely

10. It has not rained much ______ .

a. late b. lately

11. Edna is always arriving ______ . We won’t wait for her.

a. late b. lately

12. The audience was ______ upset by what they saw.

a. right b. rightly

13. The calculations you made last time didn’t come out ______ .

a. right b. rightly

14. They sat very ______ to each other to keep warm.

a. close b. closely

15. These two facts are ______ related to each other.

a. close b. closely

16. If you look at the picture ______ you will see that it is a genuine Monet.

a. close b. closely

17. While getting off the bus Emily ______ fell as it was slippery.

a. near b. nearly

18. My friend lives quite ______ to the station. We can walk there.

a. near b. nearly

19. They say it will be impossible to drive a car in big cities in the ______ future because of the traffic.

a. near b. nearly

20. Everybody wondered why Ben was behaving ______ .

a. so silly b. in such a silly way

Review Test 7.

Put in the correct form.

I had a ______ (1 – strange/strangely) dream last night. I was in a garden. It was getting ______ (2 – dark/darkly) and it was ______ (3 – terrible/terribly) cold. My head was aching ______ (4 – bad/badly). I was walking out of the garden when ______ (5 – sudden/suddenly) I saw a girl sitting on a seat. She seemed very ______ (6 – unhappy/unhappily). She looked up and smiled ______ (7 – sad/sadly) at me. I felt ______(8 – anxious/anxiously) for some reason. I wanted to be ______(9 – friend/friendly) so I tried ______ (10 – hard/hardly) to think of something to say. But I couldn’t. I just stood there ______ (11 – foolish/foolishly).


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