Тема " My Flat" А-11; 23.11. Св-11; Ст-11; 25.11.

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«Тема " My Flat" А-11; 23.11. Св-11; Ст-11; 25.11.»

Text « My flat»

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My family and I live in a big nine-storeyed block of flats in Morskaya Street. It is rather far from the centre. Our flat is on the fifth floor. It is very comfortable. There are 3 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a balcony in it. There are all modern conveniences in it – central heating, electricity, gas, cold and hot water, a telephone and a chute.

The living-room is a large. There is a table and 4 chairs in the middle of it. There is a sofa on the right and a bookcase near it. There is a little table with a TV set on it in the left-hand corner. There is an arm-chair near it. There is a green carpet on the floor. The living-room is very cosy.

My room is very cosy too. There is a writing-table and a chair near the window. There is a sofa and a record-player on a small table in the corner and a computer to the right of it. There are 5 shelves with books to the left of the door.

We like our flat.


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