Test Spotlight 5 Module 8.

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Test Spotlight 5 Module 8.

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«Test Spotlight 5 Module 8.»


A). Use the words in the list to complete the sentences.

celebrate wash keep cook exchange

1 Always …… the kitchen clean!
2 Americans …..  Thanksgiving in November.
3 Always …..  your hands before you prepare food.
4 We always ….. gifts at Christmas time.
5 Let’s …..  ….. something special for dinner tonight.

В). Use the words in the box to label the pictures.

bread milk eggs rice fish chicken butter pasta grapes meat

C). Underline the correct item.

16 Can I have a glass/box of orange juice?
17 There’s a bottle/bowl of rice on the table.
18 Remember to buy a bottle/packet of olive oil.
19 Why don’t you buy a packet/bowl of biscuits?
20 Can you get me a glass/box of cereal at the mini–market?


D). Fill in a, an or some.

21 ….….. lemon;   22 …. ….. orange juice;  23 …. .… bread;  24  … … onion;  25 ……. ice cream.

E). Fill in some, any, many or much.

A: So, what do you need for the chocolate cake?
B: Well, I need e.g. some flour, 26) …. ….. eggs and 27) …. …… butter.
A: How 28) ….. …… flour do you need?
B: Half a kilo.
A: OK. Here it is. And how 29) ….. …… eggs?
B: Four eggs.
A: Do you need 30) ….. …… milk?
B: Of course! I need one and a half glasses of milk.
A: How 31) ….. …… butter do you need?
B: Not 32) ….. ….. . About fifty grams.
A: Right. I think we have everything. Oh no, we don’t have 33) ….. ….. sugar.
B: Don’t worry. I have 34) …… …… sugar. And 35) …. ….. cocoa too.
A: Great. Shall we start then?

Everyday English

F). Choose the correct response.  

36 How about another piece of cake?

A) I’ll have a coke, thanks.

37 Are there any onions in the basket?

В) Here you are.

38 Can I take your order?

C) I’d love some.

39 Would you like anything to drink with that?

D) Not many.

40 That’s £3.50.

E) I’d like a cheeseburger, please.


G). Read the email below and mark the statements as T (true) or F (false).

Dear Joy,
How are you? It’s my birthday next Saturday and I’m having a party at my house. Why don’t you come? We always have a great time!
I usually decorate my house with a lot of colourful balloons and we all play some great party games such as Simon Says, Twenty Questions and many more.
Then, there’s the food. My mother is a great cook and she makes a lot of delicious food! We usually have pizza with ham, bacon, mushrooms and peppers, ham and cheese or tuna sandwiches and different kinds of salads. There is always a lot of coke, orange and apple juice to drink, and my birthday cake of course. I love chocolate so it’s always a chocolate cake.
So, I really hope you can make it! The party starts at six. Don’t be late!
Love, Helen

41 Helen decorates the house with balloons. -

42 Simon Says is a party game. -

43 Helen cooks the food. -

44 There is only one salad. -

45 Helen doesn’t like chocolate. -


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