Conditional sentences

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Условные предложения в английском языке

Список вопросов теста

Вопрос 1

Find conditional sentence

Варианты ответов
  • He'll write poems tomorrow
  • Bring me tea, please
  • If she buys sugar, she'll make cake
  • Who sent letters?
Вопрос 2

Find first conditional sentence

Варианты ответов
  • If he was painter, he would create beautiful pictures
  • If Alex sends letter, grandmother will get it
  • If she had prevented this event, we wouldn't have had incident
  • If you were hunter, you would bring many ducks
Вопрос 3

Find second condtional

Варианты ответов
  • If they were spidermen, they would creep on walls
  • If she looks for keys, she'll close her flat
  • If Zina had bought this thing, she would had no problem
  • If tempreture is higher than null, it is warm
Вопрос 4

Find zero conditional

Варианты ответов
  • If they speak loudly, another students will hear them
  • If electricity absent, you don't watch TV
  • If she had cooked salad, it would have been extra dish
  • If she sells computers, she'll earn salary
Вопрос 5

If I buy honey, I'll make cake

Варианты ответов
  • zero conditional
  • first conditional
  • second conditional
  • third conditional
Вопрос 6

If she had gathered information, she would have written excellent dissertation

Варианты ответов
  • third conditional
  • second conditional
  • first conditional
  • zero conditional
Вопрос 7

If time is 4.00, it is morning

Варианты ответов
  • second conditional
  • zero conditional
  • first conditional
  • third conditional
Вопрос 8

Translate: Если мы купим билет, мы пойдем в кино

Варианты ответов
  • If we buy tickets, we would go to the cinema
  • If we had bought tickets, we would have gone to the cinema
  • If we buy tickets, we'll go to the cinema
  • If we buy tickets, we go to the cinema
Вопрос 9

Translate: Если она была бы черепахой, она бы шла медленно

Варианты ответов
  • If she is tortoise, she goes slowly
  • If she had been tortoise, she would have gone slowly
  • If she is tortoise, she'll go slowly
  • If she was toroise, she would go slowly
Вопрос 10

Indicate if clause

Варианты ответов
  • he would have checked his lessons
  • he will send to me
  • he would sleep
  • if he spends vacations
Вопрос 11

Indicate main clause

Варианты ответов
  • she would dance more
  • if he was engineer
  • if I buy medicine
  • If she had lost keys
Вопрос 12

Conditional sentence-

Варианты ответов
  • придаточное предложение
  • условное предложение
  • главное предложение
  • повествовательное предложение
Вопрос 13

Main clause-

Варианты ответов
  • главное предложение
  • придаточное предложение
  • вопросительное предложение
  • утвердительное предложение
Вопрос 14

If clause-

Варианты ответов
  • сложносочиненное предложение
  • второстепенное предложение
  • главное предложение
  • придаточное предложение
Вопрос 15

Finish the sentence: If you are busy

Варианты ответов
  • I'll send your letter
  • I would send your letter
  • I would have sent your letter
  • I send your letter
Вопрос 16

Finish the sentence: I would win race,

Варианты ответов
  • if I will be runner
  • if I was runner
  • if I am runner
  • if I be runner
Вопрос 17

Finish the sentence: She would have sent letters,

Варианты ответов
  • if she don't spend money
  • if she was spent money
  • if she wouldn't have spend
  • if she hadn't spent money
Вопрос 18

Find irregular verb

Варианты ответов
  • play
  • gain
  • run
  • fix
Вопрос 19

Find regular verb

Варианты ответов
  • fix
  • fight
  • broadcast
  • creep
Вопрос 20

Finish row of  irregular verb: to swim-

Варианты ответов
  • swam-swum
  • swem-swem
  • swym-swum
  • swim-swim
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