Олимпийские игры

Урок направлен на систематизацию знаний учащихся по теме.

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«Олимпийские игры»

«Олимпийские игры»

урок английского языка в 8 классе УМК О.В.Афанасьева « Новый курс английского языка для российских школ»

Конспект открытого урока английского языка по теме

« Олимпийские игры »

(УМК О.В. Афанасьева, И.В. Михеева, 8-ой класс)

Тип урока: обобщающий

Цель урока: систематизировать знания учащихся по теме «Олимпийские игры»; совершенствовать знания, умения, навыки учащихся в устной речи, чтении и аудирования

по данной теме.

Задачи урока


- развитие лексических навыков говорения

-совершенствование навыков чтения и аудирования

-активизация употребления изученной лексики по теме


- развитие внимания, воображения, памяти

- развитие коммуникативных способностей путем репродуктивных и частично поисковых методов


- воспитание чувства ответственности перед своими одноклассниками

-воспитание этики взаимоотношений


- нравственно-эстетические

-физическое развитие учащихся

Ход урока

I Начало урока

T: Good morning, boys and girls!

Cl: Good morning!

T: Sit down, please. I am glad to see you and hope you are ready for our lesson and you are in good mood. Let’s begin.

I shall read some sentences and you try to guess the theme of our lesson.

-These games have an interesting and long history.

- It is a holiday which is held every four years.

-These games may be winter and summer.

- It is the most important international sport event.

What is it?

P- The Olympic Games

T- That’s right. The theme of our lesson is The Olympic Games. Today we are going to speak about them, ask and answer the questions, show the presentations, try to play a game, act the dialogue

T- Image that you are sportsmen and do the warming at first.

. II Речевая зарядка

T-Translate some phrases.

-важное соревнование –an important competition

-присоединиться к команде- to join a team

- забить гол- to score a goal

-болеть за команду- to support a team

- соревноваться в беге на скорость –to compete in a race

- принимать участие в игре-to take part in a game

-на футбольном поле- on the football field

-Международный Олимпийский комитет-The International Olympic Committee

-происходить в Древней Греции-to take part in Ancient Greece

-каждые четыре года-every four years

- иметь преимущество над противником- to have an advantage

-Какой счет?-What’s the score?

II Развитие навыков устной речи (вопросно-ответная работа)

T: Now it is interesting to learn what you know about the Olympic Games. ( the pupils of the first row ask the questions and the pupils of the second row answer them)

1. What are the Olympic Games? (They are an international sports festival)

2. Where did they begin? (They began in ancient Greece)

3. Have these Games got a long history?( Yes, they have)

4. What competitions did the first Olympic Games include?( They included events in racing, boxing, jumping, horse racing and wrestling)

5. How often are the Olympic Games held?( They are held every four years)

6. The Olympic Games became a symbol of peace, didn’t they? ( Yes, they did)

7. When was the International Olympic Committee set up? (1896)

8. Where were the Olympic Games held?( They were held in the cities of Europe, America, Asia and Australia)

9. When did our country join the Olympic Games?( in 1952)

10 When were the 22nd Olympic Games held in Moscow? ( in 1980)

11When did the Winter Olympic Games take place the first time?( 1924)

12. Are Summer and Winter Games held separately?( Yes, they are)

13 What competitions are there in Winter Games?( in skiing, skating, ice hockey and so on)

14. Are the Olympic Games are probably the most important international sport event?( Yes, they are)

T: OK! It’s wonderful! I see you know a lot about the Olympic Games. Now ask questions about the latest summer games.


1. What city did the latest Olympic Games take place? (London)

2. When did they take place? (July 2012)

3. Which of the countries won the most medals? (The USA, China, Great Britain)

4. What athletes were successful?

Развитие навыков чтения

T: Go on our work. Please, open your books page 209 excises 10. Read the text and make up titles for the parts.

V Физкультминутка

T: I see you are tired. Let’s do some physical exercises. Who want to be a coach.

P: May I am.

T: Do please.


Close your eyes and count 1, 2,3,4,5

Open your eyes and look at the window

Look up, look down, look right, look left

Bend your head left, bend your head right

Touch your nose, touch your left ear

Turn your head right, turn youe head right

Thank you very much

T: Thank you our coach. We give the medal to our coach, don’t we?

CL: Yes, we do. (учитель дает шоколадную медаль)

T: Now we can go on our work. I know you have prepared the presentations about the Olympic Games. Who wants to be the first?

VI Показ презентаций

(2 учащихся показывают свои подготовленные дома презентации об олимпийских играх)

VII Развитие навыков устной речи

T: It’s great! The information is very interesting, useful Get the medals. (учитель дает ученикам шоколадные медали) Today some pupils have an individual task. Masha has prepared a topic about The 22nd Summer Olympic Games.

T: Masha, are you ready?

P: Yes, I am

T: Do please.

P: The 22nd Summer Olympic Games were held in Moscow in 1980 from July 19 to August 3. Many athletes, guests, journalists came to Moscow; it was for the first time that the Olympic Games were held in our country. Our Russian sportsmen won 80 gold, 69 silver and 46 bronze medals during these Games.

The 22nd Olympic Games were the holiday of health, peace and friendship.

T: Thank you very much. Your medal.

T: Lena and Sasha have individual task too. They have prepared the dialogue.

L: Hello Sasha! How are you?

S: Hi! I am OK! Thank you! And how are you?

L: I am fine! Thanks! Sasha, I haven’t seen you for ages!

S: I don’t have free time at all. I go in for sport and spend all time at the stadium, playing football. And what about you? Do you go in for sport?

L: No, I don’t. I only watch sport programmers on TV but I am fond of photography. Look at the photos.

S: It’s great! Wonderful! I like your photos very much. Sorry, I’m hurry. Bye!

L: Bye! Bye! I hope we shall see very soon again.

T: OK! Get your medals.

VIII Домашнее задание

T: So boys and girls write down your home task and than we shall go on our work.

Activity book: p. 56 ex. 13(B); p.79, ex.33 ( учитель объясняет домашнее задание)

T: Have you any questions ?

Cl: No, we haven’t

Подведение итогов

T: OK! That’s right! Now it is time to sum up our lesson

T: What theme of our lesson was? CL. The Olympic Games

T: What did we do during our lesson?

P: We answered the questions

P: We read the text

P: We listened to the text.

P: We played the game

P: We showed the presentions.

T: Ok! You have worked very well! I am satisfied with your work. I give excellent marks to…., good marks to ….

T: I give you medals for your work. Thank you very much.

T: Our lesson is over. See you tomorrow.


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