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Тест для 7 класса

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Тест предназначен для контроля знаний обучающихся 7 класс по учебнику Спотлайт 7 после прохождения модуля 1

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«Тест для 7 класса»

The 7th form. Module 1.

Task 1. Match the word/phrases to their definition.

  1. ID A. look for information in the computer

  2. Computer games B. a sport

  3. Beach volleyball C. a machine that signals danger

  4. Surf the Net D. a place

  5. Alarm system E. identification

  6. Spot F. fun activities on the computer

Task 2. Match the words to form phrases

7/ beautiful A/ isolated

8/ feeling B/ an alarm

9/ high rate of C/ lifestyle

10/ high-quality D/ landscapes

11/install E/ unemployment

12/ hustle and F/ bustle

Task 3. Complete the sentences with the correct word.







13. In a big city, you will always find______public transport.

14. We went for a walk in the country, because we needed some____ and quiet.

15. She spent the day in London, but found the streets very_______.

16. In the country you usually meet friendly and ________ people.

17. My father hates driving in ________ traffic.

18. I love living in the city, but I don’t like the high _____ of living.

Task 4. Fill in the correct preposition.







19. Keep your mobile phones switched ______ at night.

20. His sister and her friends hang ____ at the harbour at weekends.

21. I’ve run out _____ bread, so I’ll buy some after work.

22. If a burglar breaks into your flat’ you should hand ______ your money.

23. She saw a policeman running _______ a robber.

24. Tom ran _____ an old friend when he was at the shopping centre.

Task 5.Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.

25. He ________ (visit) his uncle every Saturday morning.

26. We ______ (go) to the park this evening. Do you want to come with us?

27. She _______ (write) an article about crime in big cities.

28. She _______ (leave) late on Fridays.

29. He _____ (study) in his bedroom at the moment, but he can meet us at the cinema later.

Task 6. Choose the correct response.

30. I’ve got a toothache. A. Why don’t you go home?

31. I want to help prevent crime. B. I think you should see a dentist.

32. I’m feeling a bit homesick. C. Why doesn’t he get a cat?

33. My Grandpa doesn’t like living on his own. D. Why don’t you buy an alarm clock.

34. I’m always late for my class. E. How about joining a gym?

35. I need to get more exercise. F. How about joining Neighbourhood Watch?

35 – 33 – “5”

32 – 22 – “4”

21 – 11 – “3”

10 – 0 - “2”

Keys. The 7th form. Module 1.

Task 1. 1E 2F 3B 4A 5C 6D

Task 2. 7D 8A 9E 10C 11B 12F

Task 3. 13 convenient 14 peace 15 crowded 16 helpful 17 heavy 18 cost

Task 4. 19 on 20 out 21 of 22 over 23 after 24 into

Task 5. 25 visits 26 are going 27 is writing 28 leaves 29 is studying

Task 6. 30B 31F 32A 33C 34D 35E

35 – 33 – “5”

32 – 22 – “4”

21 – 11 – “3”

10 – 0 - “2”


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