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Примерное задание на перевод профессионального текста, задача по организации работы коллектива

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Примерное задание на перевод профессионального текста, задача по организации работы коллектива

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«Примерное задание на перевод профессионального текста, задача по организации работы коллектива»

Примерное задание на перевод профессионального текста, задача по организации работы коллектива (20 баллов)




Mikhailov II Businessman It sells furniture and has several outlets. During March 2016 it sold the following outlets quantity:

Tables at the price of 4999 rubles., Sofas and costs 26998 rubles., Chairs at the price of 1956 rubles., Cabinets and costs 17890 rubles.

  • Shop №3 - sold 2 sofas and cabinets 5.

  • Shop №5 - sold 9 chairs, 3 sofas and 1 wardrobe

  • Pavilion №2 in "Cheryomushki" shopping center - sold 7 tables and 2 closets, 12 chairs and 1 sofa

  • Shop "Comfort" sold - 12 chairs, 5 tables.

Dollar exchange rate in March 2016. set in the middle - 68 rubles. for $ 1.


I. Build a spreadsheet from which will be reflected:

  1. how many have been sold for each type of furniture;

  2. what amount in rubles and dollars sold the furniture every store;

  3. How much of each type of furniture was sold in rubles and in dollars at all stores;


II. Calculate:

  1. which store has sold most of furniture (in rubles).

  2. What kind of furniture is sold all worse (in pcs.)


III. Build a chart analysis of sales of each type of furniture shopping for March 2016.

Format the table, chart and data formats in accordance with accepted standards. The table headers to align on the center, bold, filled with gray, apply the border to the chart tablitse.V must be present: title, legend, data labels, the type – Histogram. Data formats to be applied financial – ruble and dollarovyk.

IV. Import table and chart in Ms Word and issue a report on the work of the organization.

Calling the report "Furniture Sales Analysis of the individual entrepreneur Mikhailov I.I." At the end of the report to provide details of the "signature" and "current date"

Выполнить перевод на русский язык.

Network Working Group                                      B. Fraser

Request for Comments: 2196                                    Editor

FYI: 8                                                       SEI/CMU

Obsoletes: 1244                                       September 1997

Category: Informational


1.5  Basic Approach

   This guide is written to provide basic guidance in developing a    security plan for your site.  One generally accepted approach to    follow is suggested by Fites, et. al. [Fites 1989] and includes the    following steps:Identify what you are trying to protect. Determine what    you are trying to protect it from. Determine how likely the threats are.

   Implement measures which will protect your assets in a cost-effective    manner. Review the process continuously and make improvements each time    a weakness is found.

   Most of this document is focused on item 4 above, but the other steps    cannot be avoided if an effective plan is to be established at your    site.  One old truism in security is that the cost of protecting    yourself against a threat should be less than the cost of recovering    if the threat were to strike you.  Cost in this context should be    remembered to include losses expressed in real currency, reputation,    trustworthiness, and other less obvious measures.  Without reasonable    knowledge of what you are protecting and what the likely threats are,    following this rule could be difficult.


1.6  Risk Assessment

1.6.1  General Discussion

   One of the most important reasons for creating a computer security    policy is to ensure that efforts spent on security yield cost    effective benefits.  Although this may seem obvious, it is possible    to be mislead about where the effort is needed.  As an example, there    is a great deal of publicity about intruders on computers systems;    yet most surveys of computer security show that, for most

   organizations, the actual loss from "insiders" is much greater.

   Risk analysis involves determining what you need to protect, what you    need to protect it from, and how to protect it.  It is the process of    examining all of your risks, then ranking those risks by level of    severity.  This process involves making cost-effective decisions on    what you want to protect.  As mentioned above, you should probably    not spend more to protect something than it is actually worth.

   A full treatment of risk analysis is outside the scope of this    document.  [Fites 1989] and [Pfleeger 1989] provide introductions to    this topic.  However, there are two elements of a risk analysis that    will be briefly covered in the next two sections.

   Identifying the assets    Identifying the threats    For each asset, the basic goals of security are availability,    confidentiality, and integrity.  Each threat should be examined with    an eye to how the threat could affect these areas.


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